Healthcare Transformation

But what about the exceptions?

By dividing the patient load into segments, we can have more money for the outliers. But at the moment, these patients don’t often feature in our values based healthcare discussions. They need to. Because our mandate is not to care for patients who fit our agenda, it’s to care for all.

Measuring outcomes in General Practice

Throughout this semester, I’ve been grappling with the vexed question of outcome measurement in General Practice. General Practice across the world, in its many forms, has attempted multiple approaches to outcome measurement with varied success and often with negative unintended consequences. If we look at our remit, to provide continuous, comprehensive, person-centred care across the…

is General Practice really a cornerstone?

Our Constitution sets up a division of responsibilities and relationships between state, commonwealth and private actors: fertile ground for resource, cost, and responsibility shifting, all of which contributes to inefficiencies and dangerous clinical access gaps. What is the crucial role of General Practice in this complex system?

Health care journeys

This story describes possible pathways in the Canberra health system for a person experiencing domestic violence and depression.


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